Australian Fiction Podcast Makers

Evolving Audio Fiction in Australia

We are a community of fiction podcasters around Australia, working to support and promote each other and our work.We consider 'fiction podcasts' to cover everything that the name could imply; audio drama ("movies for your ears"), short stories, actual play RPGs, docudramas, faux radio shows, and things that might defy clear-cut genres. We're not here to gatekeep the medium; we're here to help it evolve and grow!Are you one of us? Would you like to be? Join our facebook group, join our Discord server, or come along to one of our meet ups! We'd love to meet you.

Meet Ups:

None Currently Planned

Australian Fiction Podcast Makers is a community effort, but if you need to contact someone about the group or for media comment, get in touch with Erin Kyan of Passer Vulpes Productions at [email protected].